The View of Hanui

DRIFT Collective

〈Drifting Scenery〉, 2023.

multi-channel video, sound, 12min, commissioned by Asia Culture Center, courtesy of the artist
Artists: PARK Hyunjung, KAMIMURA Yoichi, NISHINO Sohei, KOGANEZAWA Takehito, KWOK Colleen

DRIFT Collective is an artist group centered on the artists who joined an expedition observing drift ice. Drift ice, which starts from the Amur in Russia and floats to the sea of Shiretoko region in Hokkaido was originally a natural phenomenon witnessed in Shari, a fishing village, but is disappearing due to global warming. In 〈Drifting Scenery〉 the group presents the records of drift ice collected over the years, such as the scenery of drift ice witnessed in Shari, the sounds around the ice, and the image of Shari in the low season of drift ice. Through the scenery of drift ice that covers the Fire Road of ACC, visitors virtually experience the disappearing of drift ice. Through the work that records the natural phenomenon changing due to the climate crisis, the artist seeks to provide an opportunity to review the interrelation between human and nature.

FENG Jiacheng

〈Moon Haze〉, 2015.

DRIFT Collective

〈Drifting Scenery〉, 2023.


〈Season of Century〉, 2023.

KIM Namjoo+JI Kangil

〈Ephemeral Concrete〉, 2023.

KIM Haneul

〈Organic Series〉, 2023.

PARK Cheonkang (HAPSA)

〈The Dialectic of Permanence and Transience〉, 2023.

PARK Hunkyu+LEE Sunkyung

〈The Last Monument〉, 2023.


〈Centreefugal Park〉, 2017.

Seoul Express

〈Colors Lasting for a Very Short Time〉, 2023.

LEE Lee Nam

〈Standing at the Center of Existence〉, 2023.

HAN Seok Hyun

〈Reverse-Rebirth Project〉, 2023.

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