Refrigerator Illusion

Meewha LEE / E. J. Domoso

South Korea

〈2,000kcal–0kcal〉, 2021.

Object installation, Mixed materials, Dimensions variable

2,000kcal–0kcal is an objét installation and the interview text record that visualize the social issues of the aged generation. This project consists of three refrigerator types: Refrigerator Type A that visualizes the excessive desires for longevity and anti-aging between 2,000 kcal, the daily average calorie intake recommended for one senior citizen and 0 kcal, a metaphor for the end of a life; Refrigerator Type B that deals with the cases for labour by senior citizens to produce 2,000 kcal; and Refrigerator Type C that has other purposes for those with no family or friends or who live alone. By presenting a refrigerator, an ordinary daily item with the function of food storage, this project captures the aspects of the senior citizens who confront reality in which they cannot simply accept an increased life span as a blessing for longevity due to the income cli° crisis, the longevity risk, the restrictions on labour and social deaths.


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Meewha LEE / E. J. Domoso

〈2,000kcal–0kcal〉, 2021.


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