2023 ACC CONTEXT Walking, Wandering

  • Period 2023.4.27. ~ 2023.9.3.
  • Location ACC Creation Space 3 & 4, Asia Culture Center

The 2023 ACC CONTEXT Walking, Wandering explores the meaning in the everyday gesture of walking. Humans walk throughout the entirety of their life, from the moment they begin to toddle to when they start walking with a cane. From walking in pilgrimage to march, the significance in walking lies far beyond the mere movement of the body to get from one place to another.
A road full of encounters and events is a site of enriching experiences. The multifarious experiences of the artists in the exhibition, who wander about without a point of destination, or go off on a trajectory like flaneurs or travelers, demonstrate the importance of discoveries found in the process of walking itself, rather than of arriving somewhere. At the same time, they also prove that the common everyday action of walking can become an artistic way of delivering a message. Their works, based on a critical point of view, trace the hidden side of the city, and wander the streets with the marginalized. These works contain the active will to take off from the current location to move on to another point. Step by step, the exhibition offers us the opportunity to delve deep into contemplation, on what we find, where we arrive, and how we can change.
The artists in the exhibition present their experiences of traversing the streets from across the globe, including Korea, Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, and China. Their works invite the audience as fellow travelers as they embark on new journeys and routes. “Walking,” as seen through the exhibition becomes a metaphor for life as it explores new experiences encountered in places where one sets their own directions. It may not matter where the initial destination was. Even if we walk and lose our way, everyone who walks in the city is already a flaneur and a performer of life.



Dongju Kang

〈Fluctuations, Brightness in the Darkness〉, 2023.

Bangjoo Kim

〈Belong to No One Else: Dropped by A Crow 〉, 2023.

Gemini Kim

〈Invisible Factory Run Project- Rayon Plant Run〉, 2023.

Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong

〈Young Girl Bending Her Arms〉, 2014.

〈Man With A Hat In A Long Gown〉, 2014.

〈Office Lady With A Red Umbrella〉, 2010.

〈Kid Running With A Chair〉, 2014.

〈Man in Suit Rubbing the Back of His Neck〉, 2018.

〈Japanese Housewife Scratching Her Back〉, 2010.

〈The Woman Carrying Rubber Basin On Her Head 〉, 2023.

Regina José Galindo

〈Who Can Erase the Traces? (¿Quién puede borrar las huellas?)〉, 2003.

〈Rivers of People (Ríos de Gente)〉, 2021-2022.

〈The Earth Does Not Hide The Death (La Tierra No Esconde Los Muertos)〉, 2023.

Listen to the City

〈Texture of Street〉, 2023.

Lee Kai Chung

〈The Shadow Lands Yonder (虛無鄉遠)〉, 2022.

〈As Below, So Above (地上地下)〉, 2023.

Marina Abramović / Ulay

〈The Lovers, The Great Wall Walk〉, 1988/2010.

Mira Rizki Kurnia

〈Napak Tilas (Traceback)〉, 2023.

Changwoon Lee

〈Phenomenon Map〉, 2023.

Francis Alÿs

〈Paradox of Praxis 1 (Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing)〉, 1997.

〈Paradox of Praxis 5: Sometimes we dream as we live & sometimes we live as we dream 〉, 2013 .

〈Border Barriers Typology: Cases #1 to #23〉, 2019-2021.

Goeun Park

〈A Map of Written Sound 〉, 2023.

After New Order

〈After City〉, 2023.

〈Browsing〉, 2023.

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