〈After City〉, 2023.

Commissioned by Asia Culture Center.

〈Browsing〉, 2023.

12-channel video, color, silent, loop.
Commissioned by Asia Culture Center. Courtesy of the artist.

After City

The collective After New Order is interested in various phenomena on the web, and explores diverse ways of dealing with issues such as user autonomy, web accessibility and post-platform.
After City is the name of the websites that were produced, based on actual places of the three artists’ areas of residence. The artists regard the website as a site with a domain address, and think about the website as a metaphor for a city.
Each website converts a public space like parks and train stations into private spaces, or turns a private space such as office into an open space for public use.
By constructing such websites that add personal experiences and incidents to a physical place, After New Order re-perceives the urban space and expands the meaning of “place.”


Browsing is a moving image of the collective applying, to physical space, their resistance against the web ecosystem that is reorganized around the huge platform.
The artists took on diverse perspectives and focused on 12 different elements like corners and gaps, captured while walking through the main exhibition space in Asia Culture Center.
This reminds us of our experiences of having found meaning in subjects that we unconsciously walked by, or of having taken new paths never travelled before. By doing so, the work tells the audience that the web user can also explore other paths autonomously rather than being subordinate to the order that has been partitioned by the massive platform.

Dongju Kang

〈Fluctuations, Brightness in the Darkness〉, 2023.

Bangjoo Kim

〈Belong to No One Else: Dropped by A Crow 〉, 2023.

Gemini Kim

〈Invisible Factory Run Project- Rayon Plant Run〉, 2023.

Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong

〈Young Girl Bending Her Arms〉, 2014.

〈Man With A Hat In A Long Gown〉, 2014.

〈Office Lady With A Red Umbrella〉, 2010.

〈Kid Running With A Chair〉, 2014.

〈Man in Suit Rubbing the Back of His Neck〉, 2018.

〈Japanese Housewife Scratching Her Back〉, 2010.

〈The Woman Carrying Rubber Basin On Her Head 〉, 2023.

Regina José Galindo

〈Who Can Erase the Traces? (¿Quién puede borrar las huellas?)〉, 2003.

〈Rivers of People (Ríos de Gente)〉, 2021-2022.

〈The Earth Does Not Hide The Death (La Tierra No Esconde Los Muertos)〉, 2023.

Listen to the City

〈Texture of Street〉, 2023.

Lee Kai Chung

〈The Shadow Lands Yonder (虛無鄉遠)〉, 2022.

〈As Below, So Above (地上地下)〉, 2023.

Marina Abramović / Ulay

〈The Lovers, The Great Wall Walk〉, 1988/2010.

Mira Rizki Kurnia

〈Napak Tilas (Traceback)〉, 2023.

Changwoon Lee

〈Phenomenon Map〉, 2023.

Francis Alÿs

〈Paradox of Praxis 1 (Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing)〉, 1997.

〈Paradox of Praxis 5: Sometimes we dream as we live & sometimes we live as we dream 〉, 2013 .

〈Border Barriers Typology: Cases #1 to #23〉, 2019-2021.

Goeun Park

〈A Map of Written Sound 〉, 2023.

After New Order

〈After City〉, 2023.

〈Browsing〉, 2023.

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