Shining on your days

  • Period 2023.9.14-2023.12.3
  • Location ACC Creation Space 6, Asia Culture Center

2023 ACC Asia Network Shining on Your Days presents paintings depicting daily scenes in Korea and West Asia in the 20th century. Asia Culture Center has held exhibitions with Asian themes every year since 2017 to promote exchange in the Asian region. This year, West Asian art of the 20th century is introduced, which has been hard to come by in Korea.

The exhibition Shining on Your Days examines the artistic trajectory of six artists representing Korea and West Asia (Lebanon, Syria) in the 20th century from the same historical background. Korea, Lebanon, and Syria have one thing in common that they went through colonial histories in the early 20th century. Korean artists came into contact with Western art from France through studying in Japan during the Japanese colonial period. Meanwhile, artists in Lebanon and Syria encountered European art trends more directly under the French mandate. This exhibition introduces artworks in independent painting styles of the artists from each country, which were developed by experimenting with various Western painting styles and converging their own identity with in the global trend of imperialism in the 20th century.

Korea in East Asia and Lebanon and Syria in West Asia have historical commonalities as colonies, but they are located on opposite ends of the Asian continent and each has its own originality in terms of climate, natural characteristics, and culture. The Korean title of the exhibition “Ilsangcheomhwa (add painting to daily life)” not only implies the meaning of paintings depicting daily scenes, but also implies that historical experiences of Asia through the exhibition penetrates into our daily lives and expands our awareness of it. The exhibition seeks to provide visitors an opportunity to go on a journey while appreciating the paintings of Asian landscapes.

Kim Whanki, Oh Chiho, Yim Jiksoon, Chun Kyung-ja, Amine El Bacha, Fateh Moudarres



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