The View of Hanui

  • Period 2023. 9. 14. - 2023. 11. 19.
  • Location Outdoor area of Asia Culture Center

2023 ACC SCAPE The View of Hanui is an exhibition that suggests a new landscape in the time of climate crisis. The outdoor space of ACC becomes an artpiece where a view from afar, a view from middle, a view from close-range coexist, and the space is transformed to show multi-layered landscapes of climate crisis. The View of Hanui visually expands the tactile sense of feeling a cool and dry breeze from the west on a hot summer day, called Hanui wind in Korea, and to offer an opportunity to raise awareness of contemporary people who are confronted with climate crisis.

In part 1 ‘Distant View: A Landscape as Nature Itself’, the artworks of Drift Collective and LEE Lee Nam cover the Fire Road with the landscape bringing back the sublime of nature to remember the beauty of it. In part 2 ‘Middle Distance: A Landscape Changed by Humans’, the landscape created by change of nature due to human intervention is reinterpreted through the artworks from PARK Hunkyu+LEE Sunkyung, Seoul Express, STUDIO 1750, and FENG Jiacheng. In part 3, ‘Close-range View: A New Landscape of Climate Crisis’ the artworks of KIM Haneul, PARK Cheonkang, KIM Namjoo+JI Kangil, Lifethings, and HAN Seokhyun show the contemporary way of dealing with climate crisis, and provide an opportunity to imagine the future of humankind.

The View of Hanui invites 11 artists and artist groups from Korea, Japan, and China, and introduces their works presented at Hanul Madang, Media Cube, Grand Canopy, Fire Road, Yeolin Madang, and Asia Culture Plaza. The exhibition recognizes and contemplates on the issue of environmental destruction which came before our eyes, and seeks aesthetical approach to the issues of climate crisis.



FENG Jiacheng

〈Moon Haze〉, 2015.

DRIFT Collective

〈Drifting Scenery〉, 2023.


〈Season of Century〉, 2023.

KIM Namjoo+JI Kangil

〈Ephemeral Concrete〉, 2023.

KIM Haneul

〈Organic Series〉, 2023.

PARK Cheonkang (HAPSA)

〈The Dialectic of Permanence and Transience〉, 2023.

PARK Hunkyu+LEE Sunkyung

〈The Last Monument〉, 2023.


〈Centreefugal Park〉, 2017.

Seoul Express

〈Colors Lasting for a Very Short Time〉, 2023.

LEE Lee Nam

〈Standing at the Center of Existence〉, 2023.

HAN Seok Hyun

〈Reverse-Rebirth Project〉, 2023.

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