The View of Hanui

LEE Lee Nam

〈Standing at the Center of Existence〉, 2023.

multi-channel video, color, sound, loop, commissioned by Asia Culture Center, courtesy of the artist

A media artist, LEE Lee Nam has been active in the international art scene by establishing a unique art world by integrating digital technology to classical paintings. In the exhibition, the artist reinterprets ‘The Sun, Moon, and Five Peaks’, the painting placed behind the royal throne in the Joseon Dynasty. The waterfall falling from ‘The Sun, Moon, and Five Peaks’ stretches out in a large stream that runs along the Fire Road of ACC. The gigantic image of nature conveyed vividly through a large projection with the sound of waterfall amplifies the sense of wonder. Unlike paintings of the Joseon Dynasty, the media artworks of LEE are dynamic and experiential. While this work shows a classical beauty of nature, it also conveys the sublime beauty that can be felt when the nature is looked from afar.

FENG Jiacheng

〈Moon Haze〉, 2015.

DRIFT Collective

〈Drifting Scenery〉, 2023.


〈Season of Century〉, 2023.

KIM Namjoo+JI Kangil

〈Ephemeral Concrete〉, 2023.

KIM Haneul

〈Organic Series〉, 2023.

PARK Cheonkang (HAPSA)

〈The Dialectic of Permanence and Transience〉, 2023.

PARK Hunkyu+LEE Sunkyung

〈The Last Monument〉, 2023.


〈Centreefugal Park〉, 2017.

Seoul Express

〈Colors Lasting for a Very Short Time〉, 2023.

LEE Lee Nam

〈Standing at the Center of Existence〉, 2023.

HAN Seok Hyun

〈Reverse-Rebirth Project〉, 2023.

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