The View of Hanui


〈Season of Century〉, 2023.

waterproof cloth, blower, wood, LED lighting, dimensions variable, commissioned by Asia Culture Center, courtesy of the artist

As a team of two artists, SON Jinhee and KIM Younghyun, STUDIO 1750 has taken interest in genetically modified organisms and uses odd looks of mutant organisms as the subject of the team’s artworks. 〈Season of Century〉 is an artificial garden in unknown time and space created by imagination. The work consists of five colorful and huge air balloons, such as 〈Spiny Leg Coral〉, 〈Periscope Flower〉, and 〈A Rabbit that Has Lost Its Watch〉. They have these unique and adorable looks found in fairy tales, but within them, somewhat bizarre images also exist. Imagining new species that evolves and mutates due to environmental change can be seen as painting a dystopian future. However, rather than conclusively arguing about genetic modification, they propose to rethink on new species created by human intervention through the unique perspective.

FENG Jiacheng

〈Moon Haze〉, 2015.

DRIFT Collective

〈Drifting Scenery〉, 2023.


〈Season of Century〉, 2023.

KIM Namjoo+JI Kangil

〈Ephemeral Concrete〉, 2023.

KIM Haneul

〈Organic Series〉, 2023.

PARK Cheonkang (HAPSA)

〈The Dialectic of Permanence and Transience〉, 2023.

PARK Hunkyu+LEE Sunkyung

〈The Last Monument〉, 2023.


〈Centreefugal Park〉, 2017.

Seoul Express

〈Colors Lasting for a Very Short Time〉, 2023.

LEE Lee Nam

〈Standing at the Center of Existence〉, 2023.

HAN Seok Hyun

〈Reverse-Rebirth Project〉, 2023.

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