The View of Hanui

HAN Seok Hyun

〈Reverse-Rebirth Project〉, 2023.

discarded wooden materials, screws, irrigation system, 800×800×800cm, commissioned by Asia Culture Center, courtesy of the artist

HAN Seok Hyun has been working based on the questions on the state of nature and the awareness of environmental issues. 〈Reverse-Rebirth Project〉 is a work that collects abandoned wood used for furniture and restores them to their original form by making the waste into a tree. This artificial tree created from the discarded wood becomes a tree of similar size to the trees around the area. Small plants that can grow naturally are planted between the branches of this huge artificial tree structure. The artist reverses the one-sided process of tree being logged and becoming lumber, and instead shows a process of becoming the basis for other plants to sprout. The artificial tree that creates a landscape that harmonizes with animals and plants over time is reborn as nature again. Made with the waste wood collected in Gwangju region, the work has a touch of people’s memories and the past, and symbolizes the nature of the present and the future all at the same time.

FENG Jiacheng

〈Moon Haze〉, 2015.

DRIFT Collective

〈Drifting Scenery〉, 2023.


〈Season of Century〉, 2023.

KIM Namjoo+JI Kangil

〈Ephemeral Concrete〉, 2023.

KIM Haneul

〈Organic Series〉, 2023.

PARK Cheonkang (HAPSA)

〈The Dialectic of Permanence and Transience〉, 2023.

PARK Hunkyu+LEE Sunkyung

〈The Last Monument〉, 2023.


〈Centreefugal Park〉, 2017.

Seoul Express

〈Colors Lasting for a Very Short Time〉, 2023.

LEE Lee Nam

〈Standing at the Center of Existence〉, 2023.

HAN Seok Hyun

〈Reverse-Rebirth Project〉, 2023.

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