〈Phenomenon Map〉, 2023.

Stainless steel, steel ball, belt conveyor, wire, 1000×940×600cm.
Commissioned by Asia Culture Center. Courtesy of the artist.

In this exhibition, Changwoon Lee presents metaphorical works of movements that take place in the city. Phenomenon Map is a massive structure in the middle of the exhibition space, composed of rails that extend above all the way to the ceiling, and balls that traverse on the rail. Phenomenon Map, one of the series of works that interpret social structures through space installations, visualizes roads that connect different places that compose a city, and portrays images of “movement” or the subject of the exhibition. Meanwhile, the work symbolically constructs the city as a single system. The balls, which move with stability throughout a structure systematically designed based on calculation of dynamics, reminds the visitor of labor, leisure, and life as an urbanite which operates according to the order enforced by the social system of a city. Then does that mean that the everyday life of an urban being, designed through control and order, inevitably dominated by the banality? Or is it at stake and charged with anxiety of being popped out of the given route at any time? Nonetheless, the artist sheds light on the paradox that “rhythm” definitely lies in this movement. He reminds us that there is not one journey that is the same as another, even if the path is the same, and that it just may be one’s own fate to discover one’s own distinct rhythm.

Dongju Kang

〈Fluctuations, Brightness in the Darkness〉, 2023.

Bangjoo Kim

〈Belong to No One Else: Dropped by A Crow 〉, 2023.

Gemini Kim

〈Invisible Factory Run Project- Rayon Plant Run〉, 2023.

Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong

〈Young Girl Bending Her Arms〉, 2014.

〈Man With A Hat In A Long Gown〉, 2014.

〈Office Lady With A Red Umbrella〉, 2010.

〈Kid Running With A Chair〉, 2014.

〈Man in Suit Rubbing the Back of His Neck〉, 2018.

〈Japanese Housewife Scratching Her Back〉, 2010.

〈The Woman Carrying Rubber Basin On Her Head 〉, 2023.

Regina José Galindo

〈Who Can Erase the Traces? (¿Quién puede borrar las huellas?)〉, 2003.

〈Rivers of People (Ríos de Gente)〉, 2021-2022.

〈The Earth Does Not Hide The Death (La Tierra No Esconde Los Muertos)〉, 2023.

Listen to the City

〈Texture of Street〉, 2023.

Lee Kai Chung

〈The Shadow Lands Yonder (虛無鄉遠)〉, 2022.

〈As Below, So Above (地上地下)〉, 2023.

Marina Abramović / Ulay

〈The Lovers, The Great Wall Walk〉, 1988/2010.

Mira Rizki Kurnia

〈Napak Tilas (Traceback)〉, 2023.

Changwoon Lee

〈Phenomenon Map〉, 2023.

Francis Alÿs

〈Paradox of Praxis 1 (Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing)〉, 1997.

〈Paradox of Praxis 5: Sometimes we dream as we live & sometimes we live as we dream 〉, 2013 .

〈Border Barriers Typology: Cases #1 to #23〉, 2019-2021.

Goeun Park

〈A Map of Written Sound 〉, 2023.

After New Order

〈After City〉, 2023.

〈Browsing〉, 2023.

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