Posthuman Ensemble

Eun Woo CHO

1981/Republic of Korea

〈AI, Brain Wave & Ideal City No.2〉, 2019(Remake in 2021).

EGG, Programming, Multi Media, 8.2 × 10.7 × 3m
2019 Supported by The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Remake in 2021

Eun Woo Cho’s work {AI, Brain Wave & Ideal City} invites the spectator to wear a wireless EEG headset and look at body parts (e.g., brains, arms, legs, and torsos) cast by the artist and
illuminated with superimposed images of the spectator and the lighting activated by his or her brain wave responses. This symbolizes how one coexists in relationships with others and reflects on what would happen if one’s responses, representing information, are translated into data and fully exposed to everyone else.

Lugas Syllabus

〈Yellow Moon on the Blue Sky〉, 2020.

〈Blue Moon on the Red Sky〉, 2020.

〈Step of Life ‘In to the World’〉, 2021.

〈Step of Life ‘In to the Universe’〉, 2021.

〈Step of Life ‘The Ocean coming〉, 2021.

〈The Construction of Construction〉, 2021.

Jeimin KIM

〈Daily Happiness〉, 2021.

〈Tenacious Weed Cultivating Life Force〉, 2021.

〈Wonder-Pul World〉, 2016(Remake in 2021).

Kyoungha LEE

〈Vacant Lot 1〉, 2020.

〈Vacant Lot 2〉, 2020.

〈Vacant Lot 3〉, 2020.

〈Vacant Lot 4〉, 2020.

Lêna BÙI

〈Circulations〉, 2021.

〈Kindred〉, 2021.

〈Innocent grasses 3〉, 2021.

〈Innocent grasses 4〉, 2021.

KIM Seola

〈Nine Dark Openings, The Sound of Breathing〉, 2021.

Hwang Moonjung

〈Non-human Zone〉, 2021.

Tae Yeun KIM

〈Helpless〉, 2021.

〈Becoming Being 1 〉, 2021.

〈Becoming Being 2 - Dance〉, 2021.

Pei-Ying LIN

〈Virophilia〉, 2020.

Robert Zhao RENHUI

〈A Monument to Thresholds〉, 2020.

Heeah YANG

〈Infinite Garden+△〉, 2021.


〈Spiritual Rave〉, 2021.

Younghwan CHEON

〈into the mind〉, 2021.

Eun Woo CHO

〈AI, Brain Wave & Ideal City No.2〉, 2019(Remake in 2021).

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