Sweet Sorrow

Tran Luong

〈Lập Lòe〉, 2012.

three-channel video installation with sound, 5 min 2 sec.

Based on his experiences with the Vietnam War and the Cambodian Civil War from the 1960s through to the 1970s, Tran Luong has presented works with the theme of resisting the socio-political legacies and policies that have suppressed the freedom of expression in socialism. To that end, the artist has adopted the stance of raising questions on the dominant standards of censorship and adaptation through local community-based projects as his method for practices and elicited alternative viewpoints through his performances and video works.
Lập Lòe, which has been presented for this exhibition, is a three-channel video installation based on Welts, which has been the performance series by Tran Luong since 2007. Welts originated from his childhood memories of playing with his friends by hitting each other with a red scarf, which was triggered by the scene of his son wearing a red scarf as part of his school uniform. The artist let the audience act for themselves with their bodies by using a red scarf in Welts. Interestingly, a red scarf has re-established itself with different meanings depending on each individual’s memory in the respective cultures. As the video installation which has been extended from the previous work, Lập Lòe represents an image of the red scarf fluttering due to an invisible force. The red scarf, which stands for communism, evokes memories associated with historic and political implications overlapping with the history of Vietnam, a country that underwent colonial rule at the hands of numerous countries, the division and the war. Tran Luong reveals brainwashing through ideologies and scars from oppression with the implications of the red scarf and physical wounds.

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Tran Luong

〈Lập Lòe〉, 2012.

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