Refrigerator Illusion


South Korea

〈Material Pool: 2021 ACC〉, .

Material Pool is an ongoing project from 2016. This mainly pertains to taking daily items such as furniture and home appliances as materials used to create a sculpture by cutting out and assembling them according to a new order. The existing order inherent in the objects is reversed in terms of a sculpture in the course of being cut and destroyed as if to play with. The new Material Pool Series for this exhibition is produced with the material taken from refrigerators. It provides a new perspective from an artist for a refrigerator that every house has in its kitchen by separating it from its ordinary location. The body of a refrigerator is cut and reassembled following a simple rule and is presented to the audience as a reversed sculpture shaped by the weight from a different dimension that has lost its original shape and function.


〈The Emperor of China’s Ice/ An Artist who Buried 1000kg of Ice in the Ground〉, 2019.

Sangun HO

〈Around the Refrigerator〉, 2021.


〈Material Pool: 2021 ACC〉, .

Minje JEON

〈In God We Trust〉, .

Meewha LEE / E. J. Domoso

〈2,000kcal–0kcal〉, 2021.


〈Smoke and Light〉, .

EBS Knowledge Channel e

〈The Longest Minute〉, .

〈The “Three Kilometers a Week” Diet〉, .

Quatre Caps

〈Not Longer Life〉, 2019.

Screening Room

〈Screening Room〉, .

Unhappy Circuit

〈Frozen Monuments for Humanity〉, .

Kosuke ARAKI

〈Food Waste Ware〉, .


〈Gastronocene〉, 2021.

Rice Brewing Sisters Club

〈Sunhwan Belt〉, .

Jihyun David

〈Save Food from the Fridge〉, 2009.

Noplug People

〈Ancient Future of Storages〉, .

Rice Brewing Sisters Club

〈Social Fermentation Archive〉, .

Jangdong Collective

〈Gut (good) Place: For Every Jo Wangs〉, 2021.

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