Attention! Zombies

PARK Seong Jun

〈press conference (new version)〉, 2022.

interactive installation, computer, kinect sensor, lots of strobe lights, stage light, 4 speakers, table, microphone, four channel sound, dimension variable, 4min 30sec, commissioned by Asia
Culture Center, courtesy of the artist

〈MONTAGE I (new version)〉, 2022.

2022, interactive installation, computer, kinect sensor, projector, lots of headphones, dimension variable, commissioned by Asia Culture Center, courtesy of the artist

Through various media like video, interactive installation, and media performance PARK Seong Jun studies irregularities between human’s idea and reality. The artist’s installation deconstructs or combine cinema language to shows a chaotic and disjunctioned space that is different from reality. In a representation of a stage or a set, the work reveals human desire and anxiety through cinematic narrative. In a form of interactive installation, shows a press conference held in structural imbalance where what speaker wants to say and what audience wants to believe do not accord. With this, the work acidly examines the slice of the current society that is unreasonable and vicious. And at the same time, it points out the phenomenon where it is also expressed as conflict between individuals and society. In a narrated voice reading off serial killers’ messages is associated with various sound effects and music to promote fear and give audience an impression of a scene from a movie. Their messages are like from
an old diary and ironically not so different from ours until their identity are revealed.


〈Asia-Zombie Chronicle〉, 2022.

KIM Bong Su

〈W Pandemic〉, 2022.

MOON Sohyun

〈Just a Zombie〉, 2022.

PARK Seong Jun

〈press conference (new version)〉, 2022.

〈MONTAGE I (new version)〉, 2022.

BANG Jeong A

〈Surviving in the Nuclear Zombies〉, 2022.

YUH Sunkoo

〈King & Clown〉, 1999.

〈Memory of Sabbath〉, 1999.

YOU Soyoung

〈Party of Sweets〉, 2022.

CHUNG Myungwoo

〈Kill You〉, 2022.

〈8&8〉, 2018.

BCL/Georg TREMMEL + TOKUI Nao(徳井直生)

〈Ghost in the Cell - Synthetic Heartbeats〉, 2022.

CHUANG Chih-Wei(莊志維)

〈Reborn Tree Series: Reborn Tree (Gwangju)〉, 2015.

FUJII Hikaru(藤井光)

〈COVID-19 May 2020〉, 2020.

〈Les Nucléaires et les Choses〉, 2019.

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