Attention! Zombies

  • Period 2022.10.20 ~ 2023.02.26
  • Location ACC Creation Space 3 & 4, Asia Culture Center

ACC Context 2002 《Attention! Zombies》, a special exhibition based on the study of the contemporary Asian subjects, is an exhibition that contemplates on the symbolism of zombies. Started to be seen in the Western movies in the early 20th century, zombies have transformed its image and appear as a leading character in 21st century Korean video culture. How were zombies, ‘the creature of today’ beyond the ages and borders,created? Began with the question, reinterprets zombies as an icon which absorbed the time and space of a period rather than a fruit of pop culture.

The first half of the exhibition visualizes a comprehensive survey of the zombie genre from the early 20th century to the recent date. By juxtaposing diverse aspects of zombies in Korean, Asian, and the Western pop culture with major events in the history of Korea and the world, the chronicle seek to help audiences to understand the historical context of zombies. In addition the chronicle shows that zombies are a social mirror that reflects the transition, apprehension, and unique culture of our society.

In the second half of the exhibition, 14 artworks from 10 contemporary artists/groups active in Korea, Japan and Taiwan are presented. Through contemporary art, the participated works express zombie in various ways and unravel
life and death, desire, horror, and confusion we are encountering.

The emphasis of the exhibition space design is that as a part of ESG practice the fake wall and the furniture from the previous exhibition are reused, partially removed and recombined to create dystopian atmosphere.

The exhibition aims to rediscover the value of zombies that metaphorizes the times, and to create an opportunity to share the story of the here and now that zombies as a social and cultural icon deliver.




〈Asia-Zombie Chronicle〉, 2022.

KIM Bong Su

〈W Pandemic〉, 2022.

MOON Sohyun

〈Just a Zombie〉, 2022.

PARK Seong Jun

〈press conference (new version)〉, 2022.

〈MONTAGE I (new version)〉, 2022.

BANG Jeong A

〈Surviving in the Nuclear Zombies〉, 2022.

YUH Sunkoo

〈King & Clown〉, 1999.

〈Memory of Sabbath〉, 1999.

YOU Soyoung

〈Party of Sweets〉, 2022.

CHUNG Myungwoo

〈Kill You〉, 2022.

〈8&8〉, 2018.

BCL/Georg TREMMEL + TOKUI Nao(徳井直生)

〈Ghost in the Cell - Synthetic Heartbeats〉, 2022.

CHUANG Chih-Wei(莊志維)

〈Reborn Tree Series: Reborn Tree (Gwangju)〉, 2015.

FUJII Hikaru(藤井光)

〈COVID-19 May 2020〉, 2020.

〈Les Nucléaires et les Choses〉, 2019.

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