Attention! Zombies

BANG Jeong A

〈Surviving in the Nuclear Zombies〉, 2022.

acrylic on cotton, 1320×670cm, commissioned by Asia Culture Center, courtesy of the artist

BANG Jeong A who is active in Busan, continues painterly practice based on the tradition of Minjoong Art and feminist awareness. , the four breadth of large hanging paintings located at the exit of the exhibition, is full of zombies that are much bigger than life size in an apocalyptic background. To the artist who is also an activist with a deep interest in denuclearization movement, the zombies represent the beings that are polluted by nuclear energy or parasitic to it despite of the danger caused by the nuclear
use and the problems like waste disposal. At the same time, the artist hides survivors among the large group of zombies, and anticipates audiences to find them. Walking through the passage between the hanging paintings, audiences naturally participate in the artist’s question about the use of nuclear energy.


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