Attention! Zombies

YOU Soyoung

〈Party of Sweets〉, 2022.

chocolate, wood, steel, monitor, arduino, thermal light bulb, 200×200×200cm, commissioned by Asia Culture Center, courtesy of the artist

YOU Soyoung throws critical questions on social irregularities through a figurative artwork that combines data, mechanism, and materiality. In , the artist changes a sweet and fancy chocolate fountain into a machine that deals with the serious reality of child labor. If you look closely into the extravagant chocolate fountain, you can discover it is made of chocolate pieces that represent body parts like hands and feet. These pieces that display the laboring bodies of children carrying heavy loads or holding tools are melted by thermal light and change into grotesque figures. The device is designed to operated the light as stock prices go up and down. As a result, rather than
looking sweet, the twisted reality is revealed.


〈Asia-Zombie Chronicle〉, 2022.

KIM Bong Su

〈W Pandemic〉, 2022.

MOON Sohyun

〈Just a Zombie〉, 2022.

PARK Seong Jun

〈press conference (new version)〉, 2022.

〈MONTAGE I (new version)〉, 2022.

BANG Jeong A

〈Surviving in the Nuclear Zombies〉, 2022.

YUH Sunkoo

〈King & Clown〉, 1999.

〈Memory of Sabbath〉, 1999.

YOU Soyoung

〈Party of Sweets〉, 2022.

CHUNG Myungwoo

〈Kill You〉, 2022.

〈8&8〉, 2018.

BCL/Georg TREMMEL + TOKUI Nao(徳井直生)

〈Ghost in the Cell - Synthetic Heartbeats〉, 2022.

CHUANG Chih-Wei(莊志維)

〈Reborn Tree Series: Reborn Tree (Gwangju)〉, 2015.

FUJII Hikaru(藤井光)

〈COVID-19 May 2020〉, 2020.

〈Les Nucléaires et les Choses〉, 2019.

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