BANDI WALK: One Step Closer to Our Earth

  • Period 2022.09.01~2022.12.25
  • Location Sangsang Madang, ACC Children Entrance Ceiling, Tree Shade Rest Area, Media Wall, Butterfly Garden Musical Fountain, Hanul Madang Media Cube, Hanul Madang, Yeolin Madang, Myrtle Crape (Stairs), Fire Road

Bandi Walk: One Step Closer to Our Earth was conceived as a look at the
past, present, and future of the Anthropocene. The exhibition invites audience
to recall the biosphere ata time when it was fully fertile, acknowledge the
importance of the drive for carbon-neutrality by listening to the story of the
Earth, and become motivated to take action based on small practices. Viewers
of all ages can enjoy video projections and installation works being presented
in three thematic sections while strolling the outdoor venues of the ACC and
encountering diverse action plans to respond to the climate crisis.

In the first section “A Look Back: Preserving in Memory What Has Gone
Extinct”, Jung Haejung, Lee Jo-heum, Sungsil Hwarang, Kenji call for raising
public awareness of endangered species and of the pricelessness of nature.
The second section “In Practice: Voluntary Inconvenience” presents works by
Digital Serotonin, AABB, Um Arong, Lee Byungchan, Jang Jongwan, Jung
Haejung, Charles Lim Yi Yong and Choi Ji-ii. It offers a forum for public
discussion on the necessity of immediate action for carbon reduction as a
response to the current environmental crisis. The third section “Be Prepared:
Making the Acquaintance of Future Nature” is an attempt todevelop a
bridgehead for a reconciliation with the Earth in which Digital Serotonin,
Kayip × Lee Seulbi × Lee Jihyun, Kim Ayoung, Kim Uljiro, Lei Lei and Lim
Yonghyun guide us in imagining what nature could look like in the future.
Bandi Walk consists of 27 works by 16 artists or collectives from South
Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, and Germany, including two local artists
selected through 2022 ACC Open Call for Gwangju-based Media Artists.
Held at the cusp of a post-Covid world, the exhibition questions the roles and
responsibilities of those us living on Earth during the Anthropocene.

The ACC Media Facade is an annual exhibition platform that has been
offering visitors an opportunity to enjoy site-specific artworks based on new
media technologies in the ACC’s unique outdoor spaces. This year it presents
Bandi Walk: One Step Closer to Our Earth, which has been curated in
accordance with the year’s theme for ACC programs of ‘Be Eco-friendly’.



Sungsil Hwarang

〈Endangered Animals Graphic Archives: The Intro,〉, 2022.

〈Endangered Animals Graphic Archives: Fennec Fox, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Gaur, Tonkin Snub, and Sea Otter〉, 2022.

Yanobe Kenji

〈Ship’s Cat (Voyage)〉, 2022.

Lee Jo-heum

〈Long Shape Earth, Pictogram Jungle〉, 2022.

Jung Haejung

〈End Island (Ver.2)〉, 2022.

Digital Serotonin

〈New World? II〉, 2022.

Um Along

〈Sign of Movement〉, 2022.


〈Babel×Babel II〉, 2022.

Lee Byungchan

〈Creature〉, 2022.

Jang Jongwan

〈He Left on the Very Day I Came Back〉, 2022.

Jung Haejung

〈Half of Half of Half of the World〉, 2018.

Charles Lim Yi Yong

〈Sandwich〉, 2015.

〈A Lonely Concert for What Was There〉, 2012.

Choi Ji-ii

〈Groundhog Day: A Week of Punxsutawney Phil〉, 2022.

〈The Martyrdom of Men: With the Series of Newly Made Big Head Sculptures〉, 2022.

Kim Ayoung

〈Surisol Underwater Lab Guided Tour〉, 2022.

Kim Uljiro

〈The Trace of Ferns〉, 2022.

〈A Three-dimensional Preparat〉, 2022.

Digital Serotonin

〈Everything is Connected〉, 2022.

Lei Lei

〈Punk Look〉, 2022.

〈The Universe Cotton〉, 2009.

Lim Yonghyun

〈Can’t Be a Fossil〉, 2022.

Kayip × Lee Seulbi × Lee Jihyun

〈Carbon Clock @ACC〉, 2022.

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